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VRT NWS - Belgium's strongest audiovisual news brand

How even the news can be timeless.

VRT NWS is not only a brand, it's also a brand family with lots of personalities in various programs and events. So we created an overall VRT NWS design language that gives room to the very different characters of the subbrands.

Our friends at Pentagram did a fine job creating the VRT NWS logo. But that's what it was, a logo. One static logo is not a brand identity. But no worries, we can work with that.

We faced two main challenges: 1) how to create and deploy a complete and workable identity from the given logo; 2) how to develop this identity creatively into the different subbrands, respecting their individuality as well as fitting them into the VRT NWS brand?

In short, we created a set of basic shapes for everything from simple highlights to elaborate illustrations; we selected a versatile typeface family to express different typographic attitudes; we designed accessible, clean & clear (motion) graphics without unnecessary visual effects; and we introduced a real-life, unedited feel of footage and photography.

Our design elements can be combined flexibly, to tailor-make content for different audiences, a variety of media and a wide spectrum of news stories. We built in sharp corners to accentuate the rounded shapes; we set headlines in a confidently large typography, often all caps; and we put an energetic rhythmic pace into our motion graphics.

Look how we created and developed these design principles into strong subbrands like VRANCKX, KIES18 and DE ZEVENDE DAG, each very distinct but clearly belonging to the same VRT NWS family.